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Client Information

This page is a collection of resources for our current and future clients. You will find forms for client registration and resources and links for labs, birth supplies, waterbirth tubs, and more. Please read our policy on Fragrance. Thank you.

Fragrance Policy



Instead of having your blood drawn at the office for your laboratory work, we send you to one of two labs in Chattanooga - Lab Corp accepts insurance while Any Lab Test Now does not. For the uninsured, Any Lab Test Now will be your most affordable option.


Lab Corp - Chattanooga locations

  • 979 East 3rd St (at Erlanger Hospital) - no appointment necessary

  • 6016 Shallowford Rd, Ste 200 - by appointment only: (423) 624-0533

  • 1634 Gunbarrel Rd, Ste 430 - (423) 259-3550


Any Lab Test Now- Chattanooga

7155 Lee Hwy, Ste 400

Any Lab Test Now - OB Panel $110.00

Any Lab Test Now offers additional labs starting at $49 each, such as:. 

Antibody Screen, CBC, Gestational Diabetes


Your Lab Results

Your lab results will be input into your personal electronic health portal. Results can take anywhere from 2-5 days. We will notify you sooner with any urgent results.



A 20-week anatomy scan and other scans that require a medical evaluation are ordered through Prime Imaging. 


Prime Imaging


1301 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga 37404

Newborn Hearing Screen

Newborns are required by the state of Tennessee to have their hearing checked by one month of age.

The following audiologists are available for follow-up of the baby's first newborn hearing screen:


Order Your Birth Kit

Whether having your baby at the Belvoir Home or your own home, all clients are expected to purchase a birth kit. The birth kit includes things like cord clamps, gloves, lubricant, gauze, chux pads, a baby hat, a footprint kit, sitz bath herbs, and other things like that. The items we have chosen are boxed into a custom kit from Everything Birth. Be sure to order your birth kit by the time you are 30-32 weeks pregnant. You will find optional items listed at Everything Birth that you can add to your birth kit, such as oral vitamin K, perineal massage oil, newborn products, nipple cream and other items. Mothers who are Rh negative need to order the Eldon card.

Tennessee Birth Certificate

Baby's Birth Certificate

If your baby is born in Tennessee, he/she will be issued a Tennessee Birth certificate. Certificates 'may not be available to issue for approximately 45 days after receiving the original certificate from the midwives. Home birth certificates may even take longer. We send out the birth certificate approximately one week after your baby's birth.


Get in touch with Vital Records at::

615-741-1763 or


Tennessee Vital Records Link


Baby's Social Security Number

On your baby's birth certificate, there is a box that is checked 'yes' for parents requesting a social security card for their baby. This request will not be filed with the social security administration until AFTER the birth certificate has been completed. It then can up to five weeks for the social security administration to process this. They will send you the social security card when all documentation is completed. If it is taking longer than five weeks, you may visit your local social security office or call:



Social Security Link


What can the midwives do to help?

Unfortunately, once we send the original birth certificate to the state we cannot help. We can not expedite the baby's birth certificate or track what is happening with your baby's social security number.


What happens if an amendment to birth certificate is filed?

An amendment to your baby's birth certificate can take up to three additional months.


Georgia Birth Certificate

If you are planning a home birth in Georgia, you will need to go to the Georgia Department of Public Health  website and download the "Out of Institution Birth Packet." Download the PDF packet and follow the instructions. The forms need to be submitted to Vital Records

Georgia Birth Certificate Packet

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